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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It has always been one of eCommClouds’ top priorities to protect user’s privacy and eCommClouds is dedicating in maintaining users’ privacy at the highest business and technology possible level. For purpose of this Privacy Policy, “user’s privacy” (“Privacy”) refers to information and personal data collected by eCommClouds or recorded by User’s operation system/software/app during user’s visiting to eCommClouds’ website, which eCommClouds may have access into under user’s explicit consent. In order to better protect the Privacy, eCommClouds has enacted and promulgated this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) so as to explain the protection of Privacy eCommClouds offers in its practices and the options that Users have regarding the sharing and provision of Privacy.

Purpose of Collection of Information

With an aim to provide better services and products, simplify the online shopping process and analyze the market needs and trends, eCommClouds may need to collect information and personal data from users on, including but not limited to, name, gender, location, address, age, nationality, title of entity, business license (scanned copy and license number), payment information (credit card information, bank account information), telephone number, mobile phone number, E-mail address and other contact information. The information and personnel date collected by eCommClouds when user is browsing eCommClouds’ websites will rarely be used for creating efficient, meaningful, customized shopping experience, such as saving user’s time of filling in personal information repeatedly, highlighting products and services that user may be interested, informing user the latest promotions, product information and service and even designing user’s tailor-made webpage appearance. The scope of information collected may vary from time to time.

Information Provided in Registration

eCommClouds’ service only provides to registered users (“Registered User”) and before requesting any services or ordering any products, users must complete an online registration process by filling in the information required by eCommClouds. Before commencing the registration process, eCommClouds will ask your permission on accessing into the information and eCommClouds will process the information only when user explicitly agrees on it by ticking the relevant box on the webpage. The information user provides will only be used to provide better customer experience to the Registered User and it is Registered User’s obligation to update the information by informing eCommClouds online.

Contact Information

Contact information, such as mailing address, telephone number, mobile phone number, E-mail address and other contact information, will only be used to communicate with Registered User for information sharing (newsflash, newsletter, promotional information, etc.), notifications, account maintenance, P.O. processing, logistic arrangement and even lucky draw winner notification. For mobile device, such as mobile phone or other electronic device with a phone function may receive SMS message regarding the above-mentioned matters.

Log Files and Cookie

As pre-designed by the software and operation system, when surfing websites, User’s log information and International Protocol (IP) along with other necessary information may be automatically collected by the server so as to let us know where the user is visiting from and what type of device the user is using. The information will only be used for the purposes of general statistics, system administration, order verification, internal marketing and system troubleshooting.

Product Reviews and Comments

Registered User is always welcomed to share product review, comments and personal experience of the service and products provided by eCommClouds. For management purpose and better service, eCommClouds may request the Registered User to provide account number, contact information and location, etc. Privacy in connection with product review, comments and personal experience will be carefully protected and key personal information will be included in case eCommClouds shares the product review, comments and personal experience with other Registered Users or the public.

Mandatory Requirement of Disclosure of Information

From time to time, eCommClouds may be asked or requested to disclose information if subpoenaed, served with a court order or requested by law-enforcement officials conducting investigations, or if eCommClouds is otherwise required by law to disclose such information. eCommClouds will also release personal information when necessary to protect its legal rights or enforce eCommClouds’ Terms of Use and other agreements. For example, eCommClouds may share information to reduce the risk of fraud, or to prevent fraud by users who attempt fraud or other illegal activity on its websites.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

eCommClouds may share information that does not identify any specific Registered User or any other user, such as the number of daily visitors to a particular page, or the size of an order placed on a certain date, with third parties such as advertising partners. eCommClouds guarantees that non-personally identifiable information may be obtained from the information.

eCommClouds’ Technology Approach on Privacy Protection

eCommClouds incorporates physical, electronic, and administrative procedures to safeguard the confidentiality of the Registered User’s personal information, such as:

* Safeguarding all financial transactions done through eCommClouds’ website with Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") encryption

* Granting only employees who are providing a specific service access to the Registered User’s personal information

* Working only with third-party service providers who eCommClouds believes adequately secure all computer hardware.

Options for Registered User When Not Willing to Share Personal Information

If user has an issue with sharing of personal information or any clauses as set forth in this Privacy Policy is not acceptable to the user when registering in eCommClouds’ website, the user may stop the registration process and delete all personal information that has been filled in the registration application E-form. If the user has completed the registration process, the Registered User may write to eCommClouds or call eCommClouds’ service line to request: (1) terminate account and delete all account information; (2) unsubscribe SMS service or E-mail promotion; (3) Deletion of all information that Registered User provider.

Offline Information

Apart from the information and personal data eCommClouds collected online, for information and personal data collected by eCommClouds offline, such as information collected by phone calls, E-mailing or face-to-face meetings, eCommClouds provides protection on same or similar level with the best business possible endeavor.

Amendment or Updates on Privacy Policy

eCommClouds reserves the right to amend, modify, change or update this Privacy Policy so as to match the latest law or other legal requirements. It is Registered User’s obligation to responsible to check and review the Privacy Policy periodically and if any of the clauses as set forth in the Privacy Policy is not acceptable, please stop using our service and write to eCommClouds to ask deletion of personal information and data.

Limitation on Protection of Privacy

Notwithstanding the Privacy Policy and even though eCommClouds is doing its best to protect Registered User’s privacy and personal data, there are still possibilities of leakage of personal information, cyber attacks, hacking and other illegal or criminal behaviors that out of eCommClouds’ control. In case where Registered User finds any leakage of personal information or any clue of so, eCommClouds strongly encourages the Registered User to file a report to eCommClouds in a timely manner so as eCommClouds may locate the source of leakage or report to law enforcement agencies for legal remedies.